Saturday, July 27, 2013

Everyone has at least made at least one friend. And if they say they didn't they are lying! Cause we are al friends now. There was a little feud between Band Wagon and the HU van. But that didn't last that long because I was there to keep the peace. The HU van people were like my bestfreinds for the 2 weeks. The Band wagon didn't like HU because they were older and got more freedom and stuff. The Band Wagon was all like "How come they get more freedom? We want to do the same things they do! They are always telling us to hurry up and we are the first ones ready!" and then I am all like "Well maybe if you quit complainin then maybe they are gonna let you do some stuff and maybe treat you better cause all you guys did was complain!" But later on in week they startes to act thier age and finally made some friends (not to be mean or anything but that was true). And now they are somewhat friends. And then a week later we started to like each other because we all like the movie Pitch Perfect. So we watched Pitch Perfect alot. And occasionally we would burst out in a song from the movie. These are the time we are gonna miss!
Well I was almost asleep the entire day. Because the night before me and my uncle were spending some qaulity time together. But I made the good decision woke up and went to a place called Pacific Aquaculture and learned about trout.. And how they made them steril, and how they weren't a female or a male it was an IT basically. And then we met with Rick Desautal and showed us some animal pelts. And then we went and howled at wolves. But that was all the business of the day. After we went and finished at the Aquaculture place we hade like 3 hours of free time. And in that time I played some basketball with my uncle and some friends. And then we laid down for a little bit and chilled for a bit. And then on the way back from the wolf howling the band wagon thought it would be cool to try and play a prank on the others. But it didn't work out as planned because they planned on moving the vans and making creepy noises. I know it seems pretty amateur but thats the Band Wagon for you. They actually moved the cars without anyone noticing. But they didn't succeed in making creepy noises. Their second choice was to deflate they others sleeping mattresses. But these past 2 weeks were AWESOME! We made some memories and some friends. And I can't wait for the next trip.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Well these last few days have been a little bumpy. Because we never left on time, we always were late, we had a couple of people that swam across a river, and then we went and shocked some fish. W met a super awesome lady whose name I think is spelled Wenix. She let us stay at her house. And we played volleyball. Then when we left the Umitilla and then we went to Wellpinit and stayed the night at their Pow-Wow grounds. We had some fun until a couple of students decided to swim across a river and got stuck. Our generous host told us don't worry about it we will get our boat. And after thatched dinner. They made us some really good food! They made us some salmon, corn, and chicken. Our elder shared a story with us. And then we went back to celebrate someone's birth day. We had brownies and ice cream. Then we finally played a werewolf. The day when we went to shock fish was pretty cool. We had to carry around a bevy shocker thingy, another others had to follow the shocker people with nets. The high schoolers got the biggest fish of the day. And that basically sums up the last few days.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We got three flat tires!! THREE! But other than that the day was great! We woke up and packed up. And we were on the road for about 2 hours. Of course I didn't see any thing, cause me and a friend decided that we would try to pull an all nighter. But we failed miserably! We both went to bed/sleep around 3. And we both woke up at the same time tryin to get mad at the other. And after that we went from Joseph, OR to Pendleton, OR. Which is the 2 hour drive I was talking about earlier.And when we got to Pendleton we went to an agency place were we met Wenix( I don't know if that's her name or not) and we went to a place where all three vehicles popped or got a flat tire. Of course since the Band Wagon is so awesome we popped, or got a flat tire, first. Then the Flaming Eagles got a flat tire. And on the way out War Pony blew their right front tire. And they were up there for a long time. But while War Pony and Flaming Eagle are still up at Meachan Creek, we came back to get dinner and a tire. That's not a combination you see or hear everyday. But while Mr. Clinton and Mr. BLack went to go get the tire the rest of the Band Wagon helped make dinner. We had dinner at Wenix's house. She made Indian Tacos. And then we played a mean game of volleyball! It was the Heritage University students against the High School students. And who won? That's right the High Schoolers! After that we learned how to play some stick game. If you are wondering what stick game is, it's a gambling game that goes back through numerous generations. The object of the game is to obtain the opposing players sticks. And you have 2 players that have bones and another player who is guessing the other players bones. The guesser tries to guess the location of the bone that doesn't have the stripe. Also one of the bones has a stripe and one doesn't. And we roasted some marshmallows and made some S'mores and the band wagon is now sitting here talking about what we are gonna do in the future. Until next time BAND WAGON OUT!! Peace out home slice!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Well, I haven't blogged in a while. So excuse the huge gap. But on Friday we were still at the Deschutes National Forest. We left on saturday for Joseph, OR. We are currently at the Nez Perce Reservation. We camped out at a little Pow-Wow. And for the !st night we set up camp and watched about Half-Hour! Which is only about Two Catagories! And we were all bummed cause we all wanted to watch the mens and the teens do the fancy dance! But the thing that sucked was that there was hardly anyone at this TINY pow wow! Then today we woke at like 6 O'clock! To meet with a couple of people who work in the Lostine River. Their jobs were tagging and moving the salmon to either a fishery or a place to were the distribute the fish to be given to the elders as part of the Treaty they signed in 1855. And after that we went to the "Old" Chief Joseph gravesite and cemetary. And then we went swimming at a lake nearby. And after that we came back to campgrounds to go to the Friendship Feast. We all had a great time with a bunch of friends. And Graciela actually gave me a book. It was called "Inferno" by Dan Brown. I started a couple of hours ago and I am nearly a quarter of the way through. So that basically wraps up week 1!! Yay! One week in the books! One week down and another to go!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 3 and 4 summary

We woke up around 7 both days. And then we left for Deshutes National Forest and camped for the night. Ant the other High School van popped a tire. And we all came up with the motto "Warpony has just lost a shoe!" The reason we said this was because is that all the vehicles came up with a name for the car/suburban. And today we woke up and then left for the Deshutes National Forest, and met up with a couple of people and talked to us about how much the Lava Buttes meant to the environment. And we saw a beautiful river and a waterfall thingy. According to SOMEONE we met 8 people today. I really don't know how this is any help. But yeah this is basically a summary of these last 2 days. And we gotta keep on hoping for the best. So peace out homies!! BAND WAGON OUT!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 1,2 and 3

I have never really done a blog so excuse my lack of originality. But these first three days have been awesome! We didn't leave the Yakama Reservation until about 11 on Monday! But we got to see some petroglyphs and went to Horse-thief National Park. And the second day I got up at 5:26 and went for a run, and on the way back I actually got to see the sun rise. And it was a beautiful image. By later that day we went to meet up with some people from Fish and Wildlife. Their names were Jason Grant and Austin Smith. Jason worked with the stream restoration and Austin worked as a wildlife technician. They basically told us what their jobs were and what they do. Jason work was restoring and moving the streams to were Salmon would come back the streams from were they were born. Austin worked tracking Mule Deer, and their declining population due to horse invasion. He basically told us that the horses ate all the same plants that the Mule Deer eat. Austin would go out on weekly flights and see if any of his tagged deer would be in unusual places. And after that went to a flood plane with a flood plane. He was gonna try to remove some burms/dikes and make the stream a better and safer place for the salmon to go up and downstream. After we got done meeting with them we made dinner. We also came up with a cool nickname for the suburban we are riding in, we called ourselves "The Bandwagon". Because everybody riding in the suburban is in band. After dinner we played a game called "Werewolf" it was pretty fun. Then went to sleep. So that basically sums these first three days.